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Furniture Refurbishing in New York
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Do you have a special wooden piece of furniture in need of some sprucing up? Do you have an antique cabinet that holds a special place in your heart but that needs some tender loving care? Or, do you have a lobby with wood paneling that could sure use some refinishing? If this sounds like you, there is a company out there who can help. Artistic Finishing Co. Inc., in Bronx, New York, specializes in wood furniture refurbishing in New York and wood refinishing. This company not only serves members of the public with small projects but Artistic Finishing Co. Inc., also has completed projects for well known architects and designers in the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey areas. Let's learn more about this established furniture refurbishing company and what kind of projects they can complete.

Since 1976, Artistic Finishing Co. Inc., has been finishing and refurbishing wood furniture with impeccable workmanship. Artistic Finishing Co. Inc., is an owner operated business that has thrived through the artist in charge of the business, Rudy Caballeros. Master artist Rudy has over thirty years of experience that enables the company's craftsmen to refurbish furniture and interior wall spaces to the highest quality.

Just what kind of furniture refurbishment can Artistic Finishing Co. Inc., do? This company specializes in furniture refurbishing. They specialize in antique restorations, sanding, repairing furniture (re-gluing, touch-ups), bleaching, color matching, lacquering, and faux-finishing. In addition to furniture refurbishing the craftsmen at Artistic Finishing also can refurbish banisters, staircases, libraries, lobbies, and a myriad of other locations where you may need furniture or wood refurbished. So not only does Artistic Finishing Co. Inc., do furniture refurbishment but they also do large projects like lobbies, elevator paneling, and much more. If you have a furniture refurbishing project or a wood refinishing project the master craftsmen at Artistic Finishing will be able to take your project and create an unforgettable timeless piece for generations to enjoy.

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