Kathleen Lynch, Resident Manager
He is a true profesional, his work is “Divine” and a pleasure to know and work with. Anyone who has seen his work or who has worked with him can attest to this.
Artistic Finishing Co., Inc.
First Quality Workmanship

Artistic Finishing Co., Inc. was founded in 1976.
We are an owner operated small business. The artist behind this company has perfected his skills through many years of experience. We offer a combination of art and style on all woodwork finishing and refinishing. ...read more

Your home should not only reflect how you live, but it should be an expression of who you are.
At Artistic Finishing Co. Inc., we will help you to express yourself in the decoration of your home or workspace by creating livable spaces for life, work and play, and reinventing your furniture as timeless heirlooms that not only say something about you, but which you and yours are sure to enjoy for years to come.
We specialize in a wide variety of both traditional and contemporary types of furniture and wood finishing and refinishing, including French polish, touch ups, color matching, lacquering, gold and silver leafing, or gilding; repair and antique restoration; but our other certified insured services include furniture refurbishing wood maintenance in New York, built in units ranging from moulding and cabinetry to banisters to wall unit shelving, library spaces, staircases, and much more.New York City Events.
Our services and artistry can be applied to any room of your home or workplace, creating and re-creating one of a kind objects, pieces and spaces that are unique to you.
Wood is an inevitably ever changing material and works made from it in the home will quite literally live and evolve alongside you and your family. Especially without but even with proper maintenance, it takes a certain level of understanding the life of wood to create pieces and spaces from it that can adapt and withstand the test of time and the wear that comes with it.
Artistic Finishing, Co., Inc. was founded in 1976, and our master finisher and head artist, Rudy Caballeros [IN MEMORIAM] has more than thirty years of experience in wood; and, in addition to his fine artistry and vision, offers unmatched craft which is informed by years' understanding of the quasi-live material that is wood; and professionalism that will leave you with objects and spaces of lasting practicality and beauty. Bronx based Artistic Finishing Co., Inc. has worked closely for decades with and comes highly recommended by a handful of prominent interior design, decoration, construction and architectural firms throughout New York, and has left its touch on quite a few buildings spanning New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, with projects ranging from furniture finishing and restoration to lobby restoration, elevator panelling and finishings on large private apartments and penthouses.
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